Complete your project on time and within budget with the help of our Security Consulting & Project Management services. 

Scope of Work 

Sets up a clear deliverable, with clear understanding the associated costs. 

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Schedule and Responsibility Matrix 
Coordinates and fully defines project ownership, timing and overall responsibilities. 

Project kickoff meeting 
Establishes processes and guidelines for project execution, scope expectations, as well as clear acceptance criteria. 

Five phases: Initiation, planning, implementation, controlling and close-out 
Applies industry-accepted Project Management process to methodically lead project implementation. 

Management of internal and external project resources, deliverables and stakeholders
Provides a single point of contact and accountability, freeing up your other resources. 

Elimination of surprises, with everyone on the same page 
Uses contract design reviews, milestone acceptance and final acceptance reviews; track project according to project plan and report status, progress and issues. 

Completion of project based on the scope, budget and schedule 
Minimizes risks of cost overruns; maximize on-schedule and in-scope completeness. 

Historical record and completed documented project specifics 
Delivers all project documentation, checklists, diagrams, change orders, analysis and recommendations for future improvements via a “Lessons Learned” session.

Manage, Measure and Communicate Site Progress with Drone Data

Accurate Surveys - Generate accurate contour maps using ground control.

Project Monitoring - Repeat mapping flights weekly to monitor change over time.

Instant Measurements - Measure distance, area and volumes instantly on any device.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) - Create point clouds compatible with BIM software.

Shared Insights - Share maps to update stakeholders and align teams.

Safe & Compliance - Fly safely with pre-flight checks and compliance tools.

Justice of the Peace Services & Assistance 

NSW Statutory Declaration form (PDF) Available on request.

The above referred document contains the latest jurat.

Commonwealth Statutory Declaration form (PDF) Available on request.

Commonwealth Statutory Declaration form (Word document) Available on request. 


NSW Senior's Card Application Form Link
To apply for a NSW Seniors Card please visit the Seniors Card website at and follow the APPLY ONLINE link. Alternatively you can call 13 77 88

Security Consulting

Because an effective security program involves protecting your organization from emerging threats, while embracing new technologies and managing daily operations to ensure compliance. Combine this with the challenges of finding and retaining experienced security staff while optimally allocating budget and resources, and it becomes quite clear security groups are too often stretched thin.

Expert Testing, Analysis and Assessments

• Highly Credentialed Experts passionate about security
• Focused on security Best Practices for your industry
• Deep understanding of Compliance, Regulations and
• Security Frameworks
• Latest threat intelligence from Local Police Liaisons.
• Risk based approach

Efficiently manage your risk
Our security consultants know what to look for to identify the real, not just theoretical, risks to your business. Our security consultants prioritise their engagement findings and provide meaningful recommendations on remediation. This guidance saves you time and effort as you determine the most effective means to reduce your risk exposure.

Security Design and Architecture
Security Design and Architecture services help organisations identify gaps in their security infrastructure and provide a prioritised set of actionable steps to remediate them. Whether your organisation is building a new infrastructure or enhancing an existing one, Security Design and Architecture help you define strategic plans and tactical implementation details for your security infrastructure.


Security Systems Survey

Undertake surveys of existing security systems (e.g. video surveillance, access control etc) to provide assurance that they are functioning effectively and are fit for purpose.Security Audit and Assessment

Audit and assess existing operational security management plans to provide assurance they are effective and working in harmony with other core building or site operation functions.


Security Recommendations

Following on from a security survey or audit and assessment, provide recommendations on how improve security systems or operational management plans to provide a more effective security solution for the building or site.

Trust and reliability are vital in the security industry. Our foundations are built on strong ethics of trust, honesty and clear communication. For your information and peace of mind, we are committed to constantly updating our knowledge base and skills. We strictly adhere to industry standards and best practices to ensure our clients safety and the provision of a superior service.


Consulting Services include a range of security solutions including:

Project Security Brief

Identification of internal and external factors that will influence security risk management objectives.

Security Risk Assessment (SRA)

Undertake detailed assessment of relevant threats and the likelihood and consequences of these occurring to enable identification of risk severity and prioritisation of risk treatment decisions.

Blast Assessment

Assess the effects of credible explosive blast threats on people, buildings and infrastructure as defined by the output of the security risk assessment.

Vehicle Dynamics Assessment

Identification of viable approach routes and calculation of impact speeds and angles of credible hostile vehicle threats as defined by the output of the security risk assessment.

Security Strategy
Develop holistic security strategy that defines the role of planning, architectural and landscape designs, physical and electronic security measures and people and procedural controls to mitigate security risks.
Security Risk Management Plan
Develop security risk management plans that define the operational security requirements in the delivery of effective security.
Physical Security Design
Develop concept, developed and technical design of physical security solutions such as Vehicle Security Barrier (VSB) systems, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), security fencing and walling, security doors and windows, blast resistance to glazing and security containers.
Electronic Security Design
Develop concept, developed and technical design of electronic security solutions such as video surveillance, access control, intruder detection, intercom and security management systems. Cyber Security and ID management solution planning and implementation.

Security Procurement Support
Support in the procurement of suitable products, services, installers and maintainers to provide assurance and trust in overall security solution.
Testing and Commissioning Support
Witness testing and commissioning of security measures to ensure they are in accordance with client and project requirements.
Project Handover Support
Assist in the effective handover to the end user by providing assurance that handover is in accordance with the handover strategy, ensuring any training is received prior to handover, handover information is available and assisting in the introduction to and demonstration of installed systems prior to handover. Security Policies, Procedures and frameworks Assist in the development of security policies, procedures and
frameworks for effective security operational management.
Emergency Response, Recovery and Incident Management
Assist in the development of procedures and plans for effective emergency response, command and control and recovery from security incidents and breaches.

CPTED -  Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Security Project Management
Implementation of the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). Utilising the suite of documents that aid agencies to meet their physical security requirements. In particular: the Australian Government physical security management protocol, in particular Section 8, the Australian Government physical security management guidelines–Security zones and risk mitigation control measures, the Australian Government Protective Security governance guidelines–Business impact levels 4, the Australian Government information security management protocol, Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) publication the Australian Government information security manual (ISM), Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Technical Note 1/15 – Physical Security of Zones, and the ASIO Technical Note 5/12 – Physical Security of Zone 5 (TOP SECRET) Areas’.