Below is a list of the range of services inclusive of our certified project management skills to deliver such services.


Security Risk Assessment (SRA)
• Criticality assessments
• Security threat assessments including crime, terrorism, personnel and cyber security threats
• Vulnerability assessments
• Consequence assessments
• Risk evaluation
• Risk treatment strategic appraisal

 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)     
• Commercial usage studies
• Threat assessment and mitigation

Security Planning
• (Town) planning liaison
• Design and Access Statement (DAS)
• Crime impact statements

Cyber Security
• Cyber risk analysis / implications / strategy
• Implementation project management
• Vulnerability scanning
• Penetration testing
• Training

Blast Assessment and Engineering
• Blast modelling and structural loading predictions
• Blast effects assessment
• Blast mitigation of windows, façades and structural systems
• Glazing hazards assessment and mitigation

Security Initiatives
• Secured by Design (SBD) compliance
• CPTED Design and compliance
• SABRE Assessment

Critical Internal Spaces

• Protected spaces

• Secure rooms

• Secure workings areas

• Security and fire command control rooms

Electronic Security Systems

• ID Management

• Video surveillance

• Access control

• Intruder detection alarm

• Audio video intercom

• Perimeter intrusion detection

• Security management systems

• Security integration into smart building design


Physical Security Measures

• Ballistic protection

• Security door sets and windows

• Security locking and hardware

• Security walling, partitions and enclosures

• Security fencing and gates

• Security hatches, grilles, blinds, bar sets and shutters


 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)                                                            • Vehicle Dynamics Assessment (VDA)

• Operational Requirements (OR)

• Vehicle Security Barrier (VSB) systems

• Site assessment

• Vehicle as a weapon (VAW) mitigation

• Vehicle access control points (VACPs)

• Public realm and landscape integration

Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) mitigation
• Placement and security of building services systems
• Internal zoning and isolation strategy
• Access and control of building services systems
• Mail screening facilities to PAS 97

Operational Security Risk Management
• Strategic Security Policy Framework (SSPF)
• Protective security operational management strategy
• Protective security auditing and assessments
• Emergency response procedures training
• Testing of security and emergency procedures
• Bespoke security training
• Public realm and landscape integration